Order Your Trail Fund NZ Hoodies & Riding T-Shirts

Trail Fund performance t-shirt wallaceDue to popular demand we’re doing another limited run of Trail Fund NZ Hoodies, it’s the perfect time of the year to get yourself a nice warm top and a great way to show your support for Trail Fund NZ. Jump into our online store and grab yours.

As usual we are doing a batch run, that means your order goes in with everyone elses to the printers to keep costs down. Orders will be open until Sunday the 30th of June (next Sunday) and then I will send off the order to the printers. We need a minimum run of 20 to make it work and this will likely be the last time we do hoodies this season so please jump in now if you want one.

We are also doing a first run of riding t-shirts. These are a comfortable synthetic material that doesn’t get all soggy like a regular t-shirt when out riding / running. They’ve been in prototype testing for the past 6-8 weeks and held up really well. You can find them in our online store here. These shirts will only come in the one colour combo a dirt hiding Navy Blue t-shirt (as shown) with the Turquoise logo. Note that the sizing on these is a little larger than our regular shirts which gives a nice comfortable fit for riding.

You can of course order our regular casual t-shirts while you are at it along with our sticker sheets – designed to pimp out your bike / helmet / car and show your support for Trail Fund NZ.