Hilty Hoe

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Hilton has new stock of his tools and every one that you order via Trail Fund NZ will put  more $$ into supporting trails. Shipping is included in the price. Just put the order through here and we get that off to Hilton to dispatch direct to you. Easy!

You can of course still buy other products at the same time and we will dispatch those from Trail Fund NZ directly.

The Hilty Hoe is the perfect tool for trimming grass and small weeds, a little shaping here and there, compacting that sick jump you just made or even flip it upside down and use it as a seat while pretending to 'lead' a work party. It has been battled tested in the wilds of Long Gully, Wellington where the only thing that grows faster than the long grass next to the DH tracks are the feral pigs digging up the track. The Hoe is the ultimate simple weapon which is easy to carry and versitle. Throw your weed eater away and get medieval on that grass.