Back in Black

We’re going to be doing our 3rd print run of Trail Fund NZ shirts soon. For now we are doing these as batches to avoid the need for keeping stock around while we’re just getting started with the project (and don’t really know what we are doing). That means we’re more efficient and can worry more about funding trails than managing t-shirt inventories!

The good news is that shirts are turning out to be a pretty decent fundraiser which is enabling us to get $$ back out to the trail building community. Every adult shirt sold raises $20 for trails and we get $15 from the kids shirts. Those funds then go straight into the pool of money available to support projects around the country. If you have a need for some cash to fuel your trail work be sure to check out the funding criteria and application process (fill in a two page form and send it to us!) if you think you have a need for some support.

For this third run the clever folks at Cluster Creative have been working with the print team to fine tune the shirts and you can see how the next round will look via the mock-ups for the shirts in the store. The team is working on some new designs so if you like the current one and have been holding off be sure to grab one before I get told it’s time to freshen things up.

Speaking of which, we’ve brought in the classic black shirt after many requests (primarily from the Hutt Valley and West Auckland) and added some other colours (and ditched others which were not popular) to the kid’s, women’s and men’s. If you have colour requests, let us know, we’re only too happy to come up with new ways of getting more shirts out the door.

AS 5002 Black_with_brown_logo_v3