In Your Own Words: Tim Farmer


Auckland based Tim Farmer spends a lot of time riding mountain bikes, probably more time than is strictly healthy. So much so that while he is a relatively recent convert to mountain biking (2008) he is already well on his way towards his goal of a top 10 finish in the WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championship in 2013. That all seems to be due to him having just the right mix of stubbon and crazy needed to ride a mountain bike for really long periods of time and enjoy it. Tim is also a familiar face in the Auckland MTB scene having put on several events over recent years and serving on the committee of the Auckland Mountain Bike Club.

It’s no surprise then that Tim knows the value of the trails his wheels roll over and was quick to get in behind and support Trail Fund NZ. That’s included buying some of our very popular t-shirts to give away as spot prizes at his upcoming event, the Endura Woodhill360. Tim has also pledged a per rider donation to Trail Fund NZ from the event, a model that we hope to see other event organisers adopt over time.

We flicked Tim a few questions to better understand why he’s supporting Trail Fund NZ…

You’ve got in behind Trail Fund NZ in a number of ways, why is that?

There is a great thing happening here, we are one of the few sports around the world that have to build our facilities from scratch before we can partake. Without funds and trail builders the trails would not be maintained or developed in the first place.

Your thing is (disturbingly) long rides, where’s your favourite place in New Zealand to go for a long mission?

Rotorua namely the mightily trail network of Whakarewarewa  Forest, there is hours of riding right at the door step. If you ever get over the trail network you can ride from town and head further afield.

How about closer to home, when you want to head out for a hammer session what’s your favorite local trail.

It is really weather dependant, but there are some really great developments at Hunua but Manukau’s Totara park is in my back yard.

Nana line or Tail Whip?

Nana Line, I train too hard to risk a stack. but I love the techy nana lines.

Where in the world haven’t you ridden yet that is top of the list to get to?

Canada without a doubt, but I am liking the look of some the big descents of Europe too.

Finally, what would you like to say to the trail builders of New Zealand if you had the chance.

I have jumped on the end of a spade a few times, but to dedicate all your time to trail building is fantastic. Without trail builders there would be no trails and we would be stuck watching the Blackcaps play cricket.

Cheers Tim – best of luck for the Woodhill360 and the WEMBO Worlds.


Photog: Alan Ofsoski. Taken during Tim’s Bronze Medal ride at the 2013 N-Duro Highlander