Register now for Trail Fund AGM!

Register now for Trail Fund AGM!

The annual Trail Fund NZ Conference and AGM is coming up on the weekend of 28/29 September in the humble trail-laden city of Wellington.

It’s a great opportunity for everyone with an interest in building and riding trails to get together to talk all things trail, and yes there will be riding and digging as well as talking.

There is a lot to discuss this year – the Trail Fund committee has been weighing up options for the future shape of the organisation and we want to hear what you think.

The gist of it is that we want to make Trail Fund more sustainable as a volunteer-led entity and easier to manage. We also have two of the original executive winding down their involvement, so we are keen to hear from people who want to get involved.

Of course we also want to hear about other trail matters and are accepting talks in the same format as last year – that’s a maximum of seven slides and seven minutes – send your talk idea to . It can be anything from anything from 'dealing with difficult landowners' to 'attracting volunteers to digs' to new trail building methods'.

Belmont Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA) is hosting shuttles at Belmont on the Saturday before we hit Whistling Sisters in central Wellington for the formal AGM and trail talks (it’s not really that formal).

Price of the AGM is $30 per head, that includes top quality snacks and there will be a cash bar. 

And back by popular demand, no more debate, more game show: teams of three will compete to see who the Ultimate Trail Builder Geeks are. 

Sunday, we’ll have a Dig Day back out at Belmont – we’ll be working on a new trail, plus running and Trail Crew.

So get your registrations in HERE and roll on up for a weekend of trail-talk and general bikeness. 

Photos by Don't miss the chance to ride at Belmont! (featured in both photos)