Sweet Cheeks contributes to sweet trails

Sweet Cheeks contributes to sweet trails

Wanaka-based natural skin balm business joins Trail Fund NZ’s ‘1% for Trails’ programme

Just as one size does not fit all, neither does one trail – that’s what’s prompted Sweet Cheeks NZ owner/founder Jennie Taylor to give back to trails of all dimensions by becoming a ‘1% for Trails’ partner.

“As a marathon runner married to a long-distance mountain biker with three boys aged 3 to 11, we need a wide variety of trails to keep everyone happy,” says Jennie, whose family and business is based in Wanaka.

“From flat-ish running trails to long cross country rides to local jump tracks, there’s no doubt about the importance of trails for us, so it’s great to be able to contribute to trails around the country by teaming up with Trail Fund.”

Sweet Cheeks NZ, which was founded by Jennie in 2007, started with her making products for her own family and has grown significantly since then.

“Having trained in making skin balms with a herbalist in Colorado, I decided to create a natural, beeswax-based chamois cream for them,” she says. “We slowly began selling it at local retailers and, over the years, we’ve expanded the range of products and our reach – it’s now sold at more than 75 retailers in New Zealand.”

All three products now available from Sweet Cheeks NZ – Butt Butter (anti-chafe cream), Super Balm (heat muscle rub) and Hot Cheeks (healing balm) – are handmade by Jennie, with ingredients sourced from NZ wherever possible and containing only a minimal amount of preservatives.

“Basically they’re made of NZ beeswax, herbs and essential oils, which are simple, effective and healing.”

Jennie says that supporting Trail Fund makes sense for Sweet Cheeks NZ, because without New Zealand’s trail infrastructure, there wouldn’t be much need for her products!

“The more trails we build in New Zealand, the more people will be out using them – this is good for Kiwis in general and good for business, so supporting Trail Fund in this way is definitely a win-win all round!”

Since its inception in 2012, Trail Fund NZ has contributed more than $300,000 to trails around New Zealand, including a number of projects in the Wanaka region. Having 1% for Trails partners is key to continuing the organisation’s goal – to support the development of sustainable, dual-use trails around the country.

“It’s great to have Sweet Cheeks NZ joining our sponsor programme,” says Trail Fund NZ chairperson Ben Wilde. “Every contribution, great or small, makes a difference and having commitment through this medium is a great show of support.”

If you’d like to find out more about supporting Trail Fund NZ, contact Ben Wilde at president@trailfund.org.nz .

If you’d like to find out more about the projects Trail Fund NZ has supported, contact Meagan Robertson on communications@trailfund.org.nz .