The Odyssey

Mountain biking pioneer Jonathan Kennett is at it again breaking new ground with a new format trail building competition over the Easter Break in Golden Bay. Quite possibly the first such competition of its kind on Easter Sunday 31 March 2013 teams  of 3 to 4 will go head-to-head creating 20m sections of a new grade 4 track called “The Odyssey”.

Once each team have built one section, the Umpire (Paul Kennett) will check it and blow a horn, announcing to all other teams that the section is complete. Then you wolf down some Easter eggs/buns and leap frog the teams in front of you to take the next 20-metre section.

The track building in this area is very easy, and the goal is a natural type of trail (i.e., working around and over rocks, roots and trees). The trail corridor will have been cleared (minimally), so the building will be fast.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners (and everyone else) for style, creativity and quantity. See below for the technical guff:

Location: Historic Rameka Track down to Rameka Creek (Project Rameka, 10 km from Takaka, Golden Bay).
Distance: 2 km
Grade: 4 (Advanced) down/5 (Expert) up
Width: 300mm – 600mm
Gradient: Just follow the markers
Structures: Bonus points (2 per metre) given for structures. Pre order materials now, or bring your own.
Creativity: Super bonus points (20-30) given for any artistic features relating to Greek Mythology.
Sections: After the first 300 metres (which follows the historic Rameka Track) teams can choose up to 3 sections in a row (ie, up to 60 metres in length if they wish).
Tribute: The names of each team (including team members) will be acknowledged on a sign at the top of the trail, along with the sponsors.
The Umpire: Paul Kennett is an ex-trials champion. He will attempt anything you build, and must be able to ride it both ways (uphill bus stops allowed).

Dates: 30th March = reconnaissance day (optional)
31st March = Reveal the Trail
1st April = Ride the Trail

The Outcome: The Odyssey will create a 6 km loop for mountain bikers, walkers and runners. It will also provide access for pest control and tree planting.

Food: Easter eggs, hot cross buns, sports drink, and burgers will be supplied.
Tools: Bring some gloves and tools if you like, otherwise, there will be some available.

The Story: The Odyssey is a Greek myth of epic proportions, that has led to many other stories, including most recently a movie called O’Brother Where Art Thou. Find out more here:

If you would like to take part email Jonathan letting him know and he can provide further information.