Trail Fund AGM 2015 – The ‘Apres’ report


Thanks to everyone who attended the Trail Fund NZ Conference and AGM in Rotorua this year! It was a great opportunity to catch up with like-minded people who passionate about riding and building trails. Several attendees went through Trail Fund’s new trail building certification courses – Trail Crew, Trail Leader & Trail Boss. A massive thanks to  DOC for hosting, Russ for putting together and delivering the courses, Adam for creating the Trail Crew t-shirt design and to everyone who attended and provided feedback to ensure the course offering is as good as it can be.

On Saturday, conference attendees were treated to presentations from DOC’s recreational manager and two ecologists, one of the trail managers from Old Ghost Road and a panel discussion with professional trail builders about the variety of trails they’re asked to build. After enjoying a great lunch at Holiday Inn, everyone headed into their forest for their own private shuttles, thank to Jeff Carter and Southstar. The day closed with a very informal AGM at Brew downtown.

On Sunday there was some track digging and plenty of riding before everyone headed off to their respective homes – thanks to everyone who attended for making the conference enjoyable and informative!

As a national organisation, we will be posting all our AGM reports here, so everyone will know what we’ve been up to. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Trail Fund NZ Incorporated Annual Report 2015FullSizeRender

Trail Fund New Zealand Incorporated – Financial Report 2015