Trail Fund Announces Partnership with Silex Tools

400_GOMTARO-104_30_07Trail Fund NZ is excited to announce that it has partnered with Silex Tools, distributors of Silky Saws in New Zealand, and will be selling Silky products via our website to help raise $$ for trails.  As with all the products we sell, every sale contributes new funds that support trails  here in New Zealand. You can get great products and help trails at the same time. Sweet.

As every trail builder who has worked in dense bush or plantation forest will know, it is hugely important it is to have a good saw for trail maintenance and line cutting and Silky are in our opinion the best.

Trail Fund NZ is offering five Silky Saws and corresponding replacement blades via our online store but if there is another product you want from Silky get in contact and we can probably help. Shipping is free for a limited time.

Never seen a Silky Saw in action before? Check out this review of the very popular ZUBAT 330.

And if you haven’t used one before then it’s important to know how! The secret is in the teeth and how the saw cuts (only on the pull stroke). More on how to correctly use your Silky Saw here. It’s important to know that these products are made so well, with the best steel that if you snap the blade it’s because you’ve used the product incorrectly. The saws are really that good. Questions? Get in contact with us at or ping us on Facebook.