Trail Fund NZ in Spoke Magazine

Earlier this week Jono Baddiley from Spoke Magazine put some questions us via Trail Fund NZ chairperson Ben Wilde this week and you can read the Q&A here.

One of the key goals of Trail Fund NZ is getting the message out there about why trails matter, the importance of trail building and the benefits to all of us (including the wider community of non-riders aka “future mountain bikers”) of having these great resources available to all of us. A better profile means more funding and more appreciation of the importance of sustainable trails. The first step is building the profile of Trail Fund NZ itself both within the riding community, the bike industry and of course within the mainstream media. That all makes the support of media partners like Caleb and the whole team at Spoke Magazine really important.

And keep an eye out for the 50th edition of Spoke Magazine which will be out this month. In it you will find our very first advertisement for Trail Fund NZ which will make that edition even more of a collectors edition.

A big shout out to Caleb for donating the space to help us get this project off of the ground and to Jordan Moss at Vortex Photography for the photo. On behalf of everyone who’s putting time into Trail Fund NZ, cheers fellas.

Trail Fund on Spoke