Trail Fund Stickers Are Here!

Trail Fund Stickers are now available via our Online Store. We have plenty in stock so if you order them they will come straight out to you. They are a great way to make a small contribution to Trail Fund NZ and get something for your troubles. The stickers are of high quality stock designed to last the distance in all conditions, so ideal to put on you bike / helmet / car.  They come as a sheet of three (small, medium or large) and you can choose Black or White.

DownTubeAll the proceeds go into the Trail Fund so that volunteer-led trail building projects can do their thing. We’ve already given away $3000 this year to projects from the Waikato down to Canterbury and the next funding round will close in July. Selling t-shirts, hoodies and now stickers is one of the key ways we are raising money to fund those grants.

Thanks again for all the support – it’s very much appreciated.