Trail Notes for Trail Builders


A big part of what we want to do with Trail Fund NZ is tell the stories of the wide range of cool trail building projects happening around New Zealand. In particular we want to tell the stories of the volunteers who willingly give up their time to create sweet single track, pump tracks, dirt jumps etc. all over the country.


Someone who shares that sort of vision is Nick Stevenson from Cadre Productions, creator of the movie “Trail Notes”. Nick is keen to find ways to help us out using his skills and he has also sent us five copies of the movie on DVD that we can give away.

If you’d like a copy flick us an email at with a photo or two of a digging project you’re involved with and a quick description of the project (where, why, how much fun it has been etc.) and we will flick you a copy of Trail Notes. First five projects get one of the DVDs each.


We will also post your story up on our website and let others know the good work that is happening in your part of the world. Don’t worry too much about pretty words as we can sort that for you, just tell us a little about the project and why you enjoy trail building so much that you put your own personal time into it.