Weapon of Mass Creation (WMC)

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This product can no longer be purchased via the Trail Fund website. To make an order, please visit the WMC Tools website - https://www.wmctrailtools.co.nz/. WMC do still provide great support to Trail Fund, so we appreciate your decision to purchase and use this great product.

Designed by Gareth Hargreaves, an avid trail builder and experienced product design engineer from Dunedin, the tool is basically a ‘swiss army knife’ for making trails. It includes several sharpened edges making it suitable for benching, trenching, cutting roots, raking and clearing small trees, and opening those post dig beverages. The flat head also makes it ideal for compacting soil including berms and jumps. Because of its multipurpose nature it means that often a trail builder will be able to carry just this one tool on their building missions rather than 3 or 4 separate tools.

The tool only weighs 2.1kg - almost a 1kg weight saving on the previous version. It is made from a tough durable steel matched with a solid hickory or fibreglass handle.

Want to see the product in action? Check out this video from our friends at Ground Effect.